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Hi.  Let me show you how immersive technologies can transform your business.

Having worked in professional virtual reality since 2012, I can support your business, no matter how big or small, to fully leverage immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, to boost productivity, improve staff training, reduce risk and bring your brand to life.


My Services.

Onsite or remote consultancy

Are you looking to launch an immersive project, campaign or product? 


Are you confused as to where you start, who you should partner with, and how to ensure maximum ROI?


I can support you with a cost effective consultancy service to ensure you speed up the learning curve and get every box ticked.

  • Ongoing monthly support 

  • Training and productivity programmes

  • Platform integration

  • Project management

  • Preferential partner rates

  • Strategic planning and partnerships

  • Developer hire


If you want to learn more immersive technologies and understand what they can do for your business, I offer one day interactive workshops in association with Let's Learn Digital -  a company that addresses the digital skills gap needed for entrepreneurs, business owners and senior marketers to compete and thrive in the future.

Covering a wide spectrum of topics, once you leave you will be ready to take the next steps in your XR journey, with complimentary follow up support.

For private workshop, email


University courses

Fully curated and taught immersive university courses full of interactivity and inspirational speakers. 

Range from one week to five weeks in length.

"Dear Jonathan.  Thank YOU for your great support for the students and their learning.  I was very pleased to see their final products and presentations."
NYU Abu Dhabi

"I wanted to say that I had an EXTREMELY useful day at the VR Workshop – it covered all of the questions I had and I took away a lot of ideas as my knowledge about VR was greatly enhanced after this day. The VR Workshop has broadened my perspectives and awakened my imagination - it will certainly make a difference to my line of work"




Thomas Edison


The Complete Guide to Virtual Reality

by Jonathan Tustain



Immersive technologies can give your

workers superhuman like capabilities, in order to work smarter and faster