I have been involved in the business development and marketing of immersive technology powered applications since 2012. Over that time I have developed a wealth of contacts in the sector, as well as client verticals, from retail to marketing.


Future Tech Now Show 


Co-organiser of event and curated a B2B day of panels exploring how immersive
technologies can boost enterprise

Contented Brothers 


Business development and marketing consultant 

Proteus VR Labs 


Co-founder and CMO, securing coverage in major publications and reaching

one million viewers on YouTube.

Products sold products into major UK stores including Toys R Us, Argos &  HMV
$2 million turnover in 2 years and Freefly headset chosen as winner of ‘Best
for VR Gaming’ by Lux Research



Business Development and PR

Recommended multiple technologies and creative ideas for clients across a

wide range of sectors such as property, engineering and automotive




Photogrammetry company Metapixel leading to coverage in Shots and
Broadcast as well as collaborations with leading SoHo production houses

Factory 42


Let's Learn Digital


Project manager of carbon impact awareness VR app for London Greater Assembly 





Wrote the book 'The Complete Guide to Virtual Reality' for Hachette Publishing
out September 2018

Author of ‘The Future of Fundraising’ whitepaper for INITION available to
download here.

Presenter of VRLO coverage for Roadtovr.com

Hosted 'The Super Worker' panel at Future Tech Now

Moderated 3D technologies panel at Bafta

Host and manage the London Virtual Reality Developers meetup