How immersive technologies can enhance your staff learning, boost efficiency and productivity

Updated: May 24, 2018

As we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Virtual and Augmented reality has the potential to drive up recruitment, implement more effective training, reduce risk, save money, remain competitive and productive, attract new customers and improve safety. However, in all the years I have worked in this space, I still find there is a huge lack of knowledge about what the technology is, how it can be integrated and what the benefits are.

Learn how to build an Inmarsat Satellite in virtual reality by Immerse.

The Innoactive VR training tool which will be rolled out to 10000 Volkswagen staff this year.

The good news is immersive technologies can positively impact nearly every aspect of business. Verticals such as AEC, manufacturing, automotive, retail and healthcare are already finding an array of creative applications for this transformative technology. VR and AR is being used in training, collaboration, product design and visualisation by the likes of British Army, Jaguar Land Rover and Inmarsat and investment is rocketing, with strong financial support from the UK government, managed by Innovate UK, who will be awarding £33M worth of grants to immersive solution providers this year.

Over the coming months, I will be posting articles that will explore how various companies are successfully integrating immersive solutions into their workflows to prepare for some of these challenges.